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It can channel us toward happiness and optimal health or can create destruction in our bodies - impacting everything from our weight, skin, allergies, mood, energy, clarity and more. Certain everyday foods may be optimal for one person, but can create inflammation in someone else.

At LoveLife we recognized the one size fits all approach to better health doesn't work, a more tailored approach was needed & that's when the LoveLife method was formed.

Our Food Tuning Method, Coach Support, Food-Based Products and easy step-by-step instructions
let you find your Food Fit so you can live your best self.

Get ready to embark on the ultimate food discovery Journey

Break Free of Food Confusion & Find Your Unique Food Fit

A 21-day food discovery journey using our unique method that first eliminates potentially inflammatory foods and replaces them with nourishing foods your body loves.

Phase 1: Days 1 - 10
Nourish & Simplify
Food-based cleanse. Eliminate the 13 most common inflammatory foods, while eating 3 meals/day + snacks. Track progress in your Food Tuning Tracker.
Reveal: Days 8 - 10
Celebrate the Changes
Discover what is food related - energy, sleep, digestion, weight - and get ready to learn how to keep them going.
Phase 2: Days 11 - 21
Reintegrate & Discover
Reintroduce foods one-by-one following our unique method, creating the roadmap for a healthier life and well on your way to Food Fit.

Why join the food fit revolution?

Different than a cleanse or diet, this is about learning what's right for YOU and creating the roadmap for a healthier life
Breakfree of processed foods and sugars to achieve full Vitality
Find your personal Power Foods and trigger foods. Learn which elevate or sabotage your energy, sleep, weight and mood
Our Coach Support, Food Tuning Tracker, Unique Method and Guidance allow you to breakthrough with the power of food
Discover your Carbohydrates and Protein Threshold to maximize weight loss and energy levels
Eliminate food confusion and find whether you thrive with vegetarian proteins or with some animal proteins

Proof it works

What's included

Meet The Founder

Trained as a nutritionist but still struggling with my own personal health battles and not getting results from conventional medicine, I was drawn to the natural healing power of foods. What I discovered in the process was life changing, and formed the basis of what would become the LoveLife Program.

Formed in 2008 and growing entirely through word of mouth and client evangelism, we are excited to help more people realize how great they can feel as they begin a true food journey and start the quest to get food fit. When you tap into what's right for you, it's amazing how radically your health and life can change.