New Kit

LoveLife Starter Kit

We make our own products and for good reason. They positively impact your energy, cravings, hunger levels, digestion and more as you start your Food Tuning adventure. Our starter kit includes our most popular products:

  • SuperFood Snack - We don't just put any ol' thing in here - free of synthetic ingredients and additives, and formulated to be free of many of the common food intolerance triggers that are found in other protein powders. Contains 19 g protein/serving. Soy-free, vegan. Made with no gluten-containing ingredients.
  • Green Alkalizer - formulated with high concentrations of consciously harvested greens and superfoods, while also being free of grasses, fiber or fillers -ingredients commonly found in most green-food products. Contains no wheat grass. Made with all organic ingredients. Nutrient and mineral rich.
  • pH strips - Learn more about your transition from acidic to alkaline!

Center Access

Here'ts where you'll find our Recipes, Shopping Lists, Meal Plans, and more. We provide you with the guides and materials to discover your Carb & Protein balancing, Carb & Protein timing, and keys to shifting your pH.

Your Custom-Built Food Tuning Tracker

After you fill in your Baseline Questionnaire, we build a tracker just for you. Track what you'tre eating in
relation to how you'tre feeling. This is where all the discovery happens!

Video Tutorials

Kim Love walks you through the program, step-by-step. She fills you in on everything you need to know for each phase of the program.

Daily Guidance Emails

Our daily email series shares what you need to get through each day of your journey. We aim to relate each day of the program to your experiences.

Forum-Based Coach Support

Get answers to your questions straight from our LoveLife Coaches and connect with a community of other

Personalized Food Fit Profile

At the end of your 21-day journey, we build your personal roadmap to success. We want you to be able to show off the goals you'tve reached and how far you'tve come during the program! Spread the word because you'tve succeeded.